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Enterprise WAN
The Evolving WAN

Just a couple of years ago the Enterprise WAN solutions that we deployed were primarily used for long-haul connectivity between buildings and data centers or between the company and outside connectivity such as the Internet or a B2B connection.  In the last several years the needs of Enterprise WAN have changed dramatically from providing building connectivity to now being the primary source of connectivity.  

It is predicted that, by 2014, there will be 70 million virtual desktops in use by enterprise organizations, many of them crossing some kind of WAN connectivity to come back to a data center.  

Couple that with the explosion of cloud services which house an increasing number of applications or provide compute and storage infrastructure services and the entire definition of the WAN has changed.   At the same time the type of traffic that rides on the network is also changing.  We truly are making the transition from a network built with borders and walls to one where any device can connect anywhere at any time.  Each organization has unique requirements driven by a myriad of factors like regulatory and compliance issues and security that will dictate their final solution.      
 Baix supports the following major component areas in the Enterprise WAN:      
-  Switches

-  Routers

-  Wireless

-  Security

-  WAN Optimization
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