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BVM - Value-Based Key Performance Indicators
Key performance indicators are used by an organization to measure and evaluate its success. Indicators can be used in all areas and levels of a company and can be as simple or complex as required to tell the story.  A good understanding of the business and company is required to ensure that the proper indicators are being used. They are often the financial measures determined using a company’s financial data; however, there are different types of indicators that can be applied.  Indicators can be quantitative (numerical), qualitative (customer satisfaction), practical (interface with existing business processes), directional (benchmark to determine whether company is improving), actionable (used to affect change) and financial (performance measurement).
Key Performance Indicator Methodology  
A good method for determining relevant performance indicators is the balanced scorecard as the definition of success is as unique to each company as the types of indicators that may be used.  A balanced scorecard outlines the key goals that are important to a company's success and creating indicators out of the key processes that build success is ideal.
The Baix team will use a structured framework to analyze and enhance your existing scorecard and/or define and develop a new scorecard using performance measures and indicators that align with the strategic direction of your company.
The Baix IT KPI Methodology Focuses On:
  Building Transparency
  Adding Business and Customer Value
  Company-specific meaningful metrics and measures
  Indicators that examine internal and external factors
  Indicators designated to "Run the Business", "Grow the Business" and "Transform the Business"
  Focus on Leading Indicators that provide intelligence on future performance
  Lagging Indicator reports to provide historical detail

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