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Optical - Network Management    
Maintain Reliability and Availability with Optical -  Network Management
Monitoring and managing the optical infrastructure is a critical component in the overall solution.  While optical solutions like SONET, SDH and DWDM are quickly converging in the enterprise network routing and switching space, they are in fact traditionally the domain of the service provider.  It has been our experience that the drastically different transport methodology struggles to be supported without the proper preparation of the team and the systems used to monitor the optical infrastructure.  In addition, the low frequency of events in the optical space, and the types of traditional failures that occur to optical, tend to mean that the team may not always be in a state of preparedness.   Managing a private dark fiber solution means, for example, that you occasionally have to manage through a fiber outage due to bridge construction.  Managed correctly fiber and fiber infrastructures provide the most fault-tolerant, resilient infrastructure available today.  Managed incorrectly and events that occur in the fiber space may leave your corporation in a less than desirable state.
For that reason Baix supports a variety of solutions in the Optical Network Management space that range from architecture and design of the operating environment including monitor to a complete managed solution that has our highly skilled optical team members performing incident and problem management as well as managing changes.  Our team brings over a decade of experience designing, implementing and managing one of the largest private, enterprise fiber networks in the world and has the experience needed to help your organization define your Optical - Network Management strategy.      


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