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Unified Communications    
If you have ever lost a message because it was in a voicemail box that you never check, or been frustrated because you have to call five different numbers to find someone, then you understand why Unified Communications has such an appeal.  Unified Communications provides the ability to unify all of the different communication needs including voice, messaging, video, and mobile into a single unified experience and allow the user to choose the method most appropriate for their communication needs any time and at any location.  

It also provides the ability to make experience consistent regardless of location and device easing communication and collaboration between team members and customers.
The path to Unified Communications is seldom straight and may contain multiple vendors and products in order to achieve the right solution for your company.  It is also highly dependent on the needs of your individual user. For that reason Baix spends a significant amount of time understanding the business functions of your business in order to ensure that the communication solution installed is as unique as your organization.
  Baix Corporation provides the following Unified Communication Solutions:  
   Real-time communications including voice, chat (IM), and conferencing   
   Near-time or store-and-forward communications such as messaging (voicemail and email), SMS, etc.  
 Application integration for services such as "Click-to-Call" and "Click-to-Conference"  

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