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Video and Telepresence Services
it is projected that 91% of the traffic on the Internet will be video by 2014.  We have only to watch the teenagers around us to understand the extraordinary power of video from music, to entertainment and finally to learning.  Video inside of most corporations is still very much in its infancy and traditionally shows up in the form of video conferencing.  Video conferencing has the extraordinary ability to connect team members and customers who are not in the same physical location and dramatically reduce travel costs while driving up collaboration.  The power of video in the corporation goes far past the traditional conferencing rooms and extends to communications for external customers as well as your internal team members.  
The Power of Video  
The true power of video lies in its ability to get a message across to a broad audience in a way frequently more compelling than the written word.  Imagine releasing a new application with a video on their end device explaining how to use the new features or passing a new release to Operations with a training overview from the Engineering team readily available for the next ten years that the solution will be in place.  Video is a communication vehicle that helps to drive collaboration in real-time but also provides the ability to clearly communicate your message broadly and in non-real-time.  
Video and Telepresence Solutions
Baix Corporation can help to deliver world-class contact center capabilities for your enterprise including support for Cisco Unified Communications Manager.  
  Room-based Video including Telepresence and HD Video
  Client-based Video Conferencing 
  Video Content Management
  Real-time Streaming Video
  Tele-medicine Solutions
  Video Integration

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